Week 4 - Persuasive Communication

Week 4 - Persuasive Communication - Persuasive...

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Persuasive Communication Dr Caroline Wesson Outline - Models of persuasion - Focus on persuasive communication - Persuasion variables - Resistance to persuasion What is Persuasion? - A process of inducing a person to adopt a particular set of values, beliefs or attitudes - Identifying factors making up such a message is important in social psychology - Early research focused on the information processing model (receive info/process info/response) - Simple model did not account for mixed results. Dual Process Models of Persuasion Elaboration-likelihood Model (ELM) (Petty & Cacioppo, 1981, 1986) - Central route to persuasion - Peripheral route to persuasion Heuristic-Systematic Model (HSM) (Chaiken, 1980, 1987) - Systematic route to persuasion - Heuristic route to persuasion - Central route similar to Systematic route - Peripheral route similar to Heuristic route. Central/Systematic: - Careful scrutiny of information provided - After have done this, if the information is deemed correct, will lead to persuasion via this route. - Takes cognitive effort however, and may be difficult if not motivated to process (Cognitive Misers - Taylor, 1981) Peripheral/Heuristic: - Cues to lead to deicision - Find the quickest route to the possible solution. - Can use previous knowledge of how the argument has gone before. Determinants of Cognitive Effort Elaboration Likelihood:
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- High - Motivation, Ability to process, persuasive message - Low - Motivation, ability to process, persuasive message. - Can fluctuate anywhere between high and low, based on situational
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Week 4 - Persuasive Communication - Persuasive...

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