Week 3 - Groups And Leadership

Week 3 - Groups And Leadership - Groups Leadership Dr Wendy...

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Dr Wendy Nicholls Overview - What is a group? - What does a gang have in common with an online support forum? - Who leads us? - Can groups change us? - What type of leader are you? - Do we all follow leaders? - What do we look for in a leader? What's the point in studying groups and leaderships? - Politics - Application to groups within the university - Conformity - Cults and sex? (o_O) What is a group? "Two or more individuals who are connected to one another by social relationships". - Defined by size - Dyad, triad, small group, large collective. - Defined by: beliefs values, tasks, proximity, practices. - Defined by: (social relationships) religion, common purpose, formal (eg. committee), informal, family, autocratic, democratic. Groups and how to define them 1) An online support group - Small group/large collective, common purpose, formal, tasks, democratic. 2) A "gang" - Small group, beliefs, informal. 3) A school class - Proximity, common purpose. 4) Supporters at a football match - Large collective, proximity. Note: A aggregate is a group in a singular situation. They are unlikely to meet again purposefully on a repeated scale, and only hold the same goals/task/beliefs at that point in time. Other Definitions - Common-bond - Attached to people (family) - Common-identity - Share group ideology (labour party member) - Primary - High level of cohesiveness, small number, frequent interaction (friends) - Secondary - Less frequent meeting, large group, less intimate (colleagues - in certain situations, may not apply) - Planned - Deliberately formed group.
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- Founded - Planned by people who are still in the group - Concocted - Planned by individuals or authorities outside of the group. - Emergent - formed spontaneously through repeated interaction with same set of
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Week 3 - Groups And Leadership - Groups Leadership Dr Wendy...

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