Week 2 - Close Relationships - Close Relationships Dr Wendy...

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Close Relationships Dr Wendy Nicholls By the end of the lecture, you should be able to discuss: - What is attractive? - Is attraction the product of rational and logical thought processes? - How do we know when we're in love? - Is love blind? - How do we maintain a relationship - What can go wrong in a relationship - Why do we forgive? - What are the criticisms of the mainstream approach to "relationships". What's the point in studying close relationships? - Application in marriage counselling - Study similarities and differences. - Cross cultural differences - Influence of relationships on other behaviours. Attraction What attributes are considered attractive? - Intelligence, social interaction, humour, etc. - Reciprocity - Similarity - Look alike or similar - Personality - unspecific, personal favourite features. - Self disclosure - more attracted if they disclose personal info - Physical attraction - physical features. - Proximity - being nearby/regular contact, - Familiarity - knowing them, - Availability - how busy they are, - Continuity - consistency in behaviour. Why are we attracted to these characteristics? - Little and herritt, (2002) Evolved instincts (focus on physical cues): - Waist to hip ratio (Singh, 1970s) 0.7 ratio. is perceived as most attractive - Kate Moss = 0.66 - More recently - BMI (e.g. Tovee et al., 1999) - Waist to hip only useful if BMI is average. - Symmetrical face. - Theory = very shallow. Social influences: - People in social group,
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- Proximity Psychological influences - Personality (could be opposites attract, or similar) - Self disclosure Potential Confusion - Are men more attracted to a woman in a situation of heightened anxiety? IV1: Fearful situation - Condition 1: A wobbly bridge, 230ft over a canyon - Condition 2: A nice stable and solid bridge 10 ft above a little river (control). IV2: Male or female interviewer Female interviewer asked participants to: - Fill in a questionnaire - Write a brief story (TAT) based on picture of a woman. - Interviewer gave participant their phone number.
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Week 2 - Close Relationships - Close Relationships Dr Wendy...

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