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PD_5_Lecture_5 - PD 5 Lecture 5 Project Management Lecture...

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PD 5 Lecture 5 1 Project Management Lecture 5. Controlling Time This Lecture… Identifying project work packages (Creating a Work Breakdown Structure) Creating a project schedule (Gantt charts, using spreadsheet software) Advanced scheduling (CPM / PERT) Assignment We Need GOOD Project Managers 46.9% projects always or often meet goals 33% always or often on time and on budget 70% projects aligned with business strategy 46% project goals sometimes unattainable say projects sometimes, rarely or never given sufficient resources Over half say wrong people lead or serve 84% say employees not relieved of other duties 80% sometimes receive PM training 62% don’t follow standard PM methodology Little recognition Senior management role model poor Source: Guttman, H.M., 2006
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PD 5 Lecture 5 2 Creating a Work Breakdown Structure This image was created by Garry L. Booker for the public domain. Some text, an exemplary WBS for a custom bicycle
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