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physics 2a 2010 - Physics Zfl-Sectlon fl Mechanics Prof...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics Zfl-Sectlon fl Mechanics Prof. luan K. Schuller Illinter 20"! TEST 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Which of the following ideas is helpful in understanding projectile motion? A) The velocity of the object is zero at the point of maximum elevation. B) V i + V 3, = constant. C) Acceleration is +g when the object is rising and —9 when falling. D) The horizontal motion is independent of the Vertical motion. E) In the absence of friction the trajectory will depend on the object's mass as well as its initial velocity and launch angle. -) —) -> -) —) 2) Given A =3|A+ 4JAandB =2lA+ 21A, find the magnitude of C = A +6 B. A) 22 B) 18 C) 33 D) 26 3) A car drives east at 15 m/ s for 18.0 min, then turns directly southeast and travels 7.2 km in 10.0 min. Find the magnitude of the car's displacement. A) 28 km B) 22 km C) 15 km D) 18 km 4) What is the maximum horizontal distance we can shoot a dart, provided the dart gun gives a maximum initial velocity of 5.65 m/ 5? (Assume the dart lands at the same height at which it was shot.) A) 6.5 m B) More information needed. C) 2.825 m D) 3.25 m 5) A 1100—kg car traveling at 27 m/ 5 starts to decelerate and comes to a complete stop in 753.0 m. What is the average braking force acting on the car? A) -530 N B) -260 N I C) -420 N ‘ D) —320 N 6) Two children fighting over a toy pull on the toy in different directions. One child pulls to the north with a force of 5.3 N, and the other child pulls to the east with a force of 3.7 N. What is the magnitude of the net force on the toy? A) 6.5 N B) 7.3 N C) 1.6 N D) 9 N Name _ Code Number Version_A—1 Qv‘rl It Z S‘s/V170"! O HHIY-Lafijfi‘ wnfim '3 [AJCI’lfldgn’t 6’ UC/T-‘i ‘4‘ Vv‘oifiz'fi A a) , 5’5 z?”- / J) , . lleW:/ng+zSz—Mw 52.1 \q 1Sw~//(gw;'\ w a , g X k‘ , ‘7,ka ( {((yh I l 551‘ 'C’M, (gr/“v - by" I /fl /'n looOnh , 7rzcw)‘f‘ _ q d ((3, W70 2W5“ ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2010 for the course PHYS 2A taught by Professor Hicks during the Winter '07 term at UCSD.

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physics 2a 2010 - Physics Zfl-Sectlon fl Mechanics Prof...

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