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math121A winter 2010 practice hw

math121A winter 2010 practice hw - Math 121A HW1 Reading...

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Math 121A, HW1 Reading Assignment: Read the article “A Compendium of Views on the NCTM Stan- dards” by Hekimoglu and Sloan and write a brief (one to two paragraph) summary. Problems: (1) (a) A pharmacist is to prepare 15 milliliters of special eye drops for a glaucoma patient. The eye-drop solution must contain a concentration of 2% active in- gredient, but the pharmacist only has a 10% concentrated solution and a 1% concentrated solution in stock (unlimited quantities of each). Can the pharma- cist use the solutions she has in stock to fill the prescription? (b) The same pharmacist receives a large number of orders for special eye drops for glaucoma patients. The prescriptions vary in volume but each requires a concentration of 2% active ingredient. Help the pharmacist find a convenient way to determine the exact amounts of the 10% solution and the 1% solution needed for a given volume of eye drops. (2) What is the angle (in degrees) between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock at any moment between 1:00 and 2:00? At what time do the hands meet during this
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