REL321 Week 4

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A) The New England Way was the view of the Puritans that the current state of the state had many problems. Their “errand into the wilderness” of New England was a way that they could shape the role and laws of the church in the New World. They wanted to see a church that was free of outside influence and that would be self-governing by the people. The Puritans were not strong believers in religious tolerance, as they believed that their way was the only right way. B) C) The Puritans and the Quakers were not friendly to each other. The Puritans treated the Quakers very poorly just because they had different beleives, even going as far as banishing them away from their settlements. The Quakers were given their freedom and they were not forced to change religion, but they still had to pay a fair price for their choice. E) Marty points out that the American religious practices have changed in the past century. He notes that many of these practices were not normal, but have since made their way
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