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For two thousand years, the Roman Catholic Church had a strong stance on creationism, the idea that man was created by the image of God and that the entire universe was created exactly as it was described in Genesis. This idea is commonly called “special creation.” In 1909, Pope Pius X ratified the decree issued by the Catholic Church that stated that the idea of “special creation” did not apply to all organisms, but only humans (Stenson). This meant that the Catholic Church changed their minds and were not putting forth the idea that other organisms were alive before man, but humans are their own species that were not descendents of any other creatures. This doctrine stood for almost 100 years, until the Catholic Church changed they minds yet again to the surprise of the whole world. In 2004, the Catholic Church put out a paper accepting the creation of the universe billions of years ago and the beginning of organisms and evolution about four billion years ago (Roman Catholic Church)
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