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All but three US presidents have claimed affiliation with some religious group. However, there is speculation that they true beliefs of many of the presidents did not match with what they may have publicly stated. For instance, each US president from George Washington to John Quincy Adams claimed affiliation with the Anglican Church, but there is reason to believe that their personal beliefs did not necessarily even match with the beliefs of the Anglican Church. That would mean that they only claimed affiliation to attempt to get into office because they knew that is what they public wanted to hear. Another note to mention is that some of the smaller religious groups, such as the Episcopalians, only making up 2% of the US population, have had a substantial number of presidents. This would not make sense necessarily, but people must assume that they are good candidates. The big surprise is that although
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Unformatted text preview: Catholics are one of the largest religious groups in the US, they have failed to only have one US president. John F. Kennedy had to make it very clear that he was not going to let religious affect his term in office and even then many did not feel that having a Catholic in office would be a good idea. This is due to many believing that the Catholics are not a freely democratic body and that would translate in having a president that believe he would be very powerful and not listen to others. This has led many to believe this is why we may never have another Catholic president and that having a Muslim president is totally out of the question. Although this seems to be unfair, it seems that this will be unlikely to change in the coming years.
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