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REL321 Week 7 - A) The main issues of the broadcast of...

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A) The main issues of the broadcast of “Religion and the Red, White and Blue 08” was whether a political candidate’s religious life and religious views and philosophy should have any prevalence in their ability to be a good leader. The two guests of Bill Moyer’s program spoke about how we should only look how these religious views and philosophies would affect their performance and competence in a given office. This seems to be a fair assessment, as voters should determine their choice for an office based upon someone’s ability to perform well the office they seek, rather than something else like their race, gender, or religion. Former president Kennedy spoke about he was not a Catholic candidate for president, but rather a presidential candidate who just happened to be Catholic. This is a good viewpoint, as someone’s religion should not change your vote, but rather his or her standpoints on other issues. It would be okay not to vote for
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