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REL321 Week 11

REL321 Week 11 - would give hope to the slaves in the New...

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A1: There are many different ways that people have tried to justify slavery. Most of these ways have roots in the early books of the Bible. There are many references to people being masters and slaves. Some say that in Exodus it defines the roles in property rights as that of the master and that of the slave. The slave could be an intimate object or a person. Most of these justifications are fairly liberal interpretations where nothing is that concrete. A2: Again, there are many different ways that people tried to justify the abolition of slavery. The main source of the argument is again from the Bible. One of the main precepts of Christianity is that we are all create equal and everyone on Earth is essentially kin in the kingdom of God. This would mean that someone should enslave anyone because it would be like enslaving your brother or sister. A3: In the Book of Exodus, Moses helps the Egyptians escape from the slavery of their pharaoh. This
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Unformatted text preview: would give hope to the slaves in the New World because they might possibly also have someone sent from God to save them. Even though their enslavers were Christian, faith was the only thing that the slaves had. C: Because there were many churches that has flourish in the New World, both in the North and South, it was easy to see that problems within churches would arise over the issues of slavery. Some groups would use the Bible to argue both sides. Some were for abolition and others for keeping slavery. D: Spirituals were a way for the slaves to take their mind of the pain and suffering that they were susceptible each and every day. It was sometimes rumored that these songs had secret messages built into them about the “underground railroad” and possibly gave some slaves a way to escape....
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