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REL321 Week 12

REL321 Week 12 - A Passover Seder for the Jewish community...

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A) Passover Seder for the Jewish community is a time to remember the hardships that they predecessors went through when they were enslaved by the Egyptians. The common ground between the Jews and the African Americans is that they were both, at some time, held against their will and forced into slavery. The Feminist Seder deals with women being suppressed in the Jewish faith and commonly being subject to certain stereotypes dealing with the domestic duties. It is rather nontraditional because women have more of the focus in this practice. All of these groups have the common ground of being oppressed and they all have tried to work their way out of this oppression towards better lives. B) Cone delivered a rather important message in his interview. He discussed the symbolism in the oppression of the blacks in American and how this was not they uncommon historical. Cone cited examples like the Christians in the time of the Roman Empire being persecuted for their beliefs. He discusses how these things like racism against the blacks
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