REL321 Week 14

REL321 Week 14 - A) Christian Fundamentalism came about due...

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A) Christian Fundamentalism came about due to many conservative evangelical Christians not approving the liberal theology of the late 1800s and early 1900s. These fundamentalist came together and affirmed a set of fundamental beliefs that included things like Bible being the absolute truth the live by and the second coming of Christ. Because of things like this, they did not approve of new radical ideas of the time such as evolution and many other new scientific discoveries that went against the Bible and all they stood for. This was the source of the discontent of science amongst the fundamentalists as they did not like anything going against the scriptures. B) Raman describes the relationship between religion and science in Hinduism as two distinct entities that can coexists peacefully. Raman even describes that science can aid in answering questions that deal with religion and can even further someone’s faith. Raman discusses that numbers are more than just a way to measure things, they can hold significance in religion and can be used to explain other
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