REL321 Week 15

REL321 Week 15 - A I n the interview P rofessor al-Hibri...

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A) In the interview, Professor al-Hibri says that Americanization may be hard to think of for those that do not live in American at the current moment. However, once someone has started to live in American and has been exposed to the freedoms that we enjoy every day, it is easy to see how rapid the process of Americanization can occur. Professor al-Hibri believes that there should be some type of separation between church and state. Still, she mentions that this is not an easy task because often the relationship between the two gets engrained in people’s minds before they can make the distinction between the two. Professor al-Hibri talked about how terrorism and religion cannot be linked because Islam itself preaches against violence and rather says that conflict should be peacefully resolved. Professor al-Hibri discussed how America is viewed in the Islamic world. Professor al-Hibri stated that most Muslims outside of American believe that America is a power hungry nation that does not believe in anything expect for the use of their military. B) “Growing up Muslim in American” takes a look at the perspective of Eman Ahmed while
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REL321 Week 15 - A I n the interview P rofessor al-Hibri...

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