GLG102 Review Questions Test 3

GLG102 Review Questions Test 3 - Chapter 14 1 The Chinle...

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Chapter 14 1) The Chinle Formation was responsible for the spectacular scenery of the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. 2) A possible cause for the eastward migration of igneous activity in the Cordilleran region during the Cretaceous was a change from high-angle to low-angle subduction. 3) The first Mesozoic orogeny in the Cordilleran region was the Sonoma. 4) During the Jurassic, the newly forming Gulf of Mexico was the site of primarily evaporate deposition. 5) Triassic rifting between Laurasia and Gondwana initiated the breakup of Pangaea. 6) The first major seaway to flood North America was the Sundance. 7) The Laramide orogeny was responsible for the present-day Rocky Mountains. 8) The Cretaceous was the time period of greatest post-Paleozoic inundation. 9) The Nevadan orogeny produced the Sierra Nevada, Southern California, Idaho, and Coast Range batholiths. 10)The Newark Formation filled the Late Triassic fault block basin of the east coast of North America with red non-marine sediments. Chapter 15 1) Angiosperms include all flowering plants. 2) The order Ornithischia includes all dinosaurs with a bird-like pelvis. 3) The middle ear bones of mammals evolved from the articular and the quadrate. 4) The Plesiosaur is a Mesozoic marine reptile. 5) Rudists were important Mesozoic reef-buidling animals.
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6) Modification of the hand yielding an elongated finder for wing support is found in pterosaurs. 7) Because of their rapid evolution and nektonic lifestyle the saurischians are
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GLG102 Review Questions Test 3 - Chapter 14 1 The Chinle...

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