GLG102 Review Questions Test 2

GLG102 Review Questions Test 2 - Chapter 9 1 One type of...

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Chapter 9 1) One type of Proterozoic rock that indicates some free oxygen was present in the atmosphere is a. Continental red beds 2) A large landmass composed mostly of Greenland and North America that evolved during the Proterozoic is called a. Laurentia 3) Cells with a membrane-bounded nucleus and internal structures called organelles are a. Eukaryotic cells 4) Which one of the following was a supercontinent during the Proterozoic? a. Rodinia 5) A plate tectonic cycle involving the opening of an ocean basin and its subsequent closer is known as a a. Wilson cycle 6) A sequence of rocks on land made up of mantle rocks overlain by oceanic crust and deep sea sediments is an a. Ophiolite 7) The oldest known animal fossils are found in the __________ fauna of Australia a. Ediacaran 8) Columnar masses of rock resulting from the activities of cyanobacteria are a. Stromatolites 9) The Mesoproterozoic of Lauentia was a time of a. Igneous activity unrelated to orogenic activity
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10)The widely accepted theory expaling the origin of eukaryotic cells hold that these cells formed by a. Endosymbiosis Chapter 10 1) Which was the first major transgressive sequence onto the North American craton? a. Sauk 2) What type of plate interaction produced the Taconic orogeny? a. Oceanic-continental convergent 3) During which sequence did the eastern margin of Laurentia change from a passive plate margin to an active plate margin? a. Tippecanoe 4) A major transgressive-regressive cycle bounded by craton-wide unconformities is a a. Cratonic sequence 5) An elongated area marking the site of mountain building is a
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GLG102 Review Questions Test 2 - Chapter 9 1 One type of...

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