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1. The Beatles were the band that fused classic rock, rockabilly, blues, and popular music into a new genre of rock. They later transformed rock music from something dealing with teen romance to a new experimental art form. The Beatles altered the music scene of the 1960’s by fused elements of many other genres together to create a new unique sound that the world had been craving (Friedlander 81) The Beatles used Buddy Holly’s two guitar, bass, and drum band setup. They used Chuck Berry’s lead and rhythm guitar as well as his skillful use of lyrics. They took vocal influence from American artists such as Little Richard. George Harrison mirrored the rockabilly and classic rock style especially scene in his guitar solos and riffs (Friedlander 81). The success of the Beatles began in Britain with the popularity of trends that were popularized in the previous decade in the United States. They brought the new sound that they created over the pond to America where they were warmly welcomed. This was in part due to their great management (Friedlander 83). Today, the Beatles remain successful due in part to new emerging technologies that allow new generations to access their music. They entire collection can be purchased online through the iTunes Store and they even have their own video, “The Beatles: Rock Band.” 2. By the 1960’s, new trends were beginning to evolve in the American rock music scene. However, across the pond in the United Kingdom, the trends of the previous decade were only beginning to catch on. Bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were adopting some of the things that made classic rock and blues music successful in America and using them in their own music. The Beatles used the band setup and vocal styles of blues and classic rock
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UWA2 - 1. The Beatles were the band that fused classic...

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