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FNLconcepts - 7 Know and interpret the first fundamental...

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1 Evaluate limits, including use of L’Hospital’s rule 2 Know the definition of continuity, and be able to test a function for continuity at a point in its domain 3 Find derivatives (includes implicit, log-differentiation, all the rules for derivatives, Second Fundamental theorem; Memorize the table of derivatives) 4 Applications of derivatives: tangent at a point to a curve, rate of change) 5 Determine general antiderivatives, evaluate definite integrals, Numerical integration , & Integration by substitution (Know your table of integrals) 6 Determine area under a curve on a closed interval.
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Unformatted text preview: 7 Know and interpret the first fundamental theorem in physical terms. 8 Optimization 9 Related rates 10 Investigate functions for: increasing, decreasing, relative extrema, absolute extrema, concavity, and points of inflection 11 Linearization and use of the linearization 12 Know statements of definitions, major theorems, and lemmas (example, derivative, MVT, First derivative test, Second derivative test, critical number, concavity, Fundamental theorems, etc) MAT 265 FALL 2008 FINAL EXAM CONCEPTS...
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