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ok to cheat - whatsoever Although in the major leagues...

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Sports and Society February 27, 2008 Cheating in Sports Society views cheating as very unacceptable. From cheating in work to school, everyone is taught that cheating is breaking one of the values that society holds and will be punished. Since we were children people are taught to win at any costs even if it includes cheating. This practicing of deceitfulness goes against many morals that young athletes may be taught at home and makes it confusing to distinguish between home, school and their sports they participate in. But no matter how wrong cheating is considered it will always be present in every sport at every level and the team that does not cheat ends up in last place. Cheating in high school, college or intramural leagues should not exist
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Unformatted text preview: whatsoever. Although in the major leagues where the athletes are performing for the sole purpose of entertainment, cheating should be allowed and to an extent accepted. Major league sports exist only to entertain the general public and if cheating makes the game more enjoyable to watch then they should have the liberty to cheat. Cheating in major league sports cannot be defined so easily. The players involved in the leagues have young fans that consider the athletes as their role models. As the children observe their favorite athlete cheating in the sport, the child will try and mimic the athletes’ actions therefore it would be impossible to try and stop cheating in childhood sports...
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