8 - 26/01/201020:15:00 ValuationofPollutionDamages:

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26/01/2010 20:15:00 Valuation of Pollution Damages:  eg. Crop yield/ value bushels of corn (reduced due to ozone), timber Non-market goods: primary victims of pollution Ecosystem     : value of change Visibility     : willingness to pay (what are you buying?), exposure problem “polite” answers vs. value too high (not WTP but what it’s worth) Survey issues: dichotomous choice determines results Asking the question creates valuation Quantitative tool not strong enough (1/10,000=1/100,000) Look to actual choices in job market: marginal value of wages vs risks
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8 - 26/01/201020:15:00 ValuationofPollutionDamages:

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