inode - #ifndef _INODE_H_ # #define _INODE_H_ #include...

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#ifndef __INODE_H__ #define __INODE_H__ # #include <exception> #include <map> #include <vector> # using namespace std; u #include "trace.h" #include "util.h" # // // inode_t - // An inode is wither a directory or a plain file. // / enum inode_t {DIR_INODE, FILE_INODE}; e // // directory - // A directory is a list of paired strings (filenames) and inodes. // An inode in a directory may be a directory or a file. // / class inode; typedef map<string, inode *> directory; t // // class inode - // // inode ctor - // Create a new inode of the given type, using a union. // // get_inode_nr - // Retrieves the serial number of the inode. Inode numbers are // allocated in sequence by small integer. // // size - // Returns the size of an inode. For a directory, this is the // number of dirents. For a text file, the number of characters // when printed (the sum of the lengths of each word, plus the // number of words. // // readfile -
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inode - #ifndef _INODE_H_ # #define _INODE_H_ #include...

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