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Profle Assignment Due Date: January 26 Length: about 1000 words (about 4 double-spaced pages) Format: MLA, no title page. Margins: 1" all around. Times New Roman, 12pt font. Creative title above text of proFle. The topic of your paper will be a single person. Your task is to give us a clear image of the person's most interesting and notable characteristics. In preparation for this you should spend time interacting with and observing the person. If you have a chance to interview the subject, do so. When you have enough information to get started with the writing, focus on painting a picture rather than giving a report of the subject ʼ s history and statistics. This is not a biography; it's a
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Unformatted text preview: proFle. We should get a sense of the person's character through the tone, style, and voice you use to present your details. You should focus on behavior, appearance, quotes, and demeanor. The old adage is 'Show; don't tell.' I will be evaluating your ability to capture telling and relevant details. You don't have to give me a sense of the entire person, just those features that make the person worth writing about . Keep your focus by trying to write to the following principle: a successful proFle doesn't tell us how you feel when interacting with this person; it makes us feel the same way you do....
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