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EE 606: Homework 8 MOS Capacitors and MOS 1. Work out 16.9, 16.11, 16 2. Using Appendix B and th plot the exact relationship same parameters as show remember that instead of work with only p-side he 3. After prolonged period of oxide film can suddenly b the substrate which can th a) Assuming that the sili to invert or accumula b) Since the oxide is gon lateral bipolar transist n oxide poly Before breakdo FET .15 at the end of the chapter. he notes, modify the MATLAB script posted on p between applied voltage and surface potential n in Fig. 16.10). When modifying the MATLAB f working out the potential for both p and n sides
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Unformatted text preview: re (N A =10 15 cm-3 ). f usage (or sometimes because of processing dif break and the associated temperature rise can me hen flow out towards the poly (see Fig. below). icon in this region is essentially intrinsic, discus te the substrate after the break ? Why or why no ne, someone suggests that we now use the MOS tor. Is the suggestion reasonable? Explain. own After breakdown the web to (use the B code, s, you need to fficulties), the elt silicon in s if possible ot ? FET as a n+ i...
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