Economics 212 - Economics 212(01 Microeconomic Theory Mount...

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Economics 212 (01): Microeconomic Theory Mount Holyoke College Fall 2007-2008 Syllabus Faculty: Fei Yu Office: 122 Skinner Hall Phone: ext. 2043 Email: [email protected] Office hours: M/W 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm or by appointment Class Meeting Times: M/W 8:35 am – 9:50 am F: 9 am – 9:50 am Classroom: SHTK 216 Course information and course materials will be posted on Ella. Economics 212 presents the analytic tools of microeconomics. The course begins with the neoclassical model of consumer and firm optimization, and moves on to the market coordination of these individual decisions, including discussion of whether market outcomes are desirable. While the course emphasizes the theoretical framework of microeconomic analysis, applications will be presented to demonstrate how the tools can be used in a variety of contexts. Economics 212 is a core course for the economics major. Prerequisites: Economics 103, 104 and Mathematics 101. If you do not meet these prerequisites, please come see me as soon as possible to discuss your situation. In my experience, students who do not have adequate preparatory classes do not do well in this course. Math requirements: multivariable calculus. You need to be very comfortable with
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Economics 212 - Economics 212(01 Microeconomic Theory Mount...

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