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University of Tehran Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. H. Soltanian-zadeh Fall 2009 Digital Image Processing Assignment #1- Introduction Problem 1 – Start the MATLAB application on your computer by Set the default color table to black and white by entering the command: colormap(gray) Download the text file 'test1'. Note that it is a sequence of 0's and 1's. This file is a string of data values that will form a recognizable image once it is displayed with the proper row width. Read this file into a matrix and display it on the screen using the MATLAB commands imagesc and axis. Information on each command can be found using the matlab help command. Save the output file. Experiment with various lengths to see how the image is distorted if the line length is incorrect. In your writeup illustrate the correct and also one incorrect line length value. Problem 2 – Image formation i. Create an array of zeroes 512 points on a side, and display it on axes that are
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Unformatted text preview: evenly and equally spaced using the axis command as before. ii. Add circles of radius 16 and amplitude 1 to the array with centers at locations (200, 200), (232,200), (200,300), (248, 300), (200,400), and (264,400), and display. You will have to do some MATLAB programming to do this. Problem 3 - Quantization. i. Download the binary image 'test2'. Read the file in MATLAB using the command fread . The data consist of unsigned characters 8 bits in size, and form an image with line length 580 pixels. The image is 435 lines long. ii. Display the image. ii. The initial image consists of eight bits of data for each pixel. Create new images using 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 bit only for each pixel. How many bits are needed to preserve image quality? Does it change from place to place in the image? How so? ******* Submit your write-up to with subject DIP-yourname. Do not forget to include description of what you have done in each part with a brief discussion on results....
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