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CA02 - University of Tehran Faculty of Electrical and...

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University of Tehran Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. H. Soltanian-zadeh Fall 2009 8101124 - Digital Image Processing Computer Assignment #2- Image Enhancement Problem 1 – Download the file lenanoisy.tiff. Using the image enhancement techniques covered in class, try to remove the noise. Make a copy of your enhanced image and submit it along with a write-up and your M-file. The write-up should describe in detail the technique(s) which you applied. You will be graded in part on the quality of your final image. Problem 2 – Download the file porsch.tiff. Write an M-file that get the image and does the following tasks: i. Smooth the image with a 3×3 filter mask. ii. Shrink the image by a factor of two using the bilinear interpolation and zoom this image to the original size again. Does this image differ from the original one? iii. Add Gaussian white noise (mean=0 and variance=0.05 ) to the image using imnoise command. Now use fftshift command to put all zero frequencies in the middle. Low-pass filter this function by applying a mask saving only the central
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