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CA06 - retrieves a pure rectangle So apply image opening...

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University of Tehran Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. H. Soltanian-zadeh Fall 2009 Digital Image Processing Assignment #6- Morphological Image Processing Problem 1 – Detect edges of image CA06-1.jpg by: i) Absolute difference of original image and dilated image. ii) Absolute difference of original image and eroded image. iii) Absolute difference of dilated image and eroded image. Suppose 2 structuring elements: ones(3), ones(5). Show result of edge detection using different approaches and different structuring elements and compare each with other. Problem 2 – The goal of this problem is eliminating noisy objects from image CA06-2.jpg and
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Unformatted text preview: retrieves a pure rectangle, So apply image opening and closing to this image sequentially. Select the size of structuring element yourself. Try again with different operation sequence: first apply closing and then opening. Problem 3 – Compute skeleton of image CA06-3.jpg. Also, thin this image and compare result of skeleton computing and thining. Problem 4 – Download the file CA06-4.jpg. Propose an edge detection method based on morphological operators to detect only vertical edges and apply it on this image. Hints: You can use some beneficial MATLAB functions: • imdilate • imerode • imopen • imclose • bwmorph • strel...
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