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CA07 - simplification convert RGB values to gray level...

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University of Tehran Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. H. Soltanian-zadeh Fall 2009 Digital Image Processing Assignment #7- Image Segmentation Problem 1 – A simple approach for moving object detection in a video stream is based on background subtraction. Background subtraction is a pixel-based segmentation. In this method we compute absolute difference of each frame form a background image to obtain a difference image. If absolute difference of subtraction for a given pixel is more than a threshold, this pixel is classified as a pixel of moving object (foreground); else this pixel is a background pixel. The simplest method for estimating background image is based on average operator: In this equation, frame k Using this method estimate background image for CA07.avi and show it. For
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Unformatted text preview: simplification, convert RGB values to gray level values before any processing. is the ’th frame of video stream and the total number of frames is N. Detect moving objects in this video stream based on background subtraction. Show some frames of your results on moving object detection. Problem 2 – Apply Hough transform to detect lanes (path of vehicles movement that indicated by lines) of highway in image CA07.jpg. You can use arbitrary edge detection method, but it is very important that you must detect only edges in direction of highway. Try to detect all lanes. Hints: You can use some beneficial MATLAB functions: • aviread • frame2im • hough • houghpeaks • houghlines...
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