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Classics 126 Final Study guide

Classics 126 Final Study guide - Classics 126 Autumn 2006...

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Classics 126 Autumn 2006 Final-Study Guide Alcmene – Mother of Hercules Megara - King Creon offered his eldest daughter, Megara, to Hercules as a bride in reward for his prowess in battle. Nemean Lion – (Original labor), Hercules 1 st labor, has impenetrable skin, killed by using the lions own claws against itself, Hercules skins the lion and wears he skin as protection on his head and back. Lernaean Hydra – (Original labor), Hercules 2 nd labor, multiple heads [when one is cut off two grow back in its place], killed by cleaving a head then burning the wound shut with a torch, had help from Iolaos, Hercules acquires poison for his arrows from the blood of the hydra. Cretan Bull – (Additional labor), Hercules 7 th labor, the bull of Minos [King of Crete] and Pasiphae [Wife of Minos, fell in love with it, gives birth to the Minotaur], wrecked havoc, using a lasso Hercules rode it to his cousin Eurystheus, released into Marathon [becomes a later labor of Theseus]. Hippolytes’ Girdle – (Additional labor), Hercules 9 th labor, the girdle of Hippolyte [Queen of the Amazons], Hera disrupts the negotiations. Hercules’ in Troy – Zeus sent Poseidon and Apollo to serve King Laomedon [they offended Zeus, Zeus in debt to Laomedon for taking his son Ganymede to be his love boy], Zeus had them build a wall around Troy [Laomedon’s city] and promised to reward them well, Zeus refuses to fulfill his promise, in vengeance Poseidon sends a sea monster to attack Troy before the Trojan war, Laomedon planned on sacrificing his daughter Hesione to Poseidon to appease Poseidon, Hercules saves Hesione at the last minute and kills the sea monster, Laomedon, Laomedon's sons. Parerga – Side job of Hercules, piled on labor, refers to Hercules 7 th through his 12 th labors. Hercules and the Argonauts – To be the original leader of the Argonauts, but suggests that Jason be the leader since he gathered them, urges the Argonauts to leave the Women of Lemnos, is forgotten as Hercules searches for his kidnapped lover boy [kidnapped by the water nymphs]. A man with one sandal – Jason, leader of the Argonauts, son of Aison, is maternal great grandson of Minyas (hence the Minyans); the one sandal shows him to be quite pathetic, not a born leader/warrior/intellectual, just a flawed/mortal man.
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Epiphanies in the Argonautica – Apollo [protecting god of the Argonauts], Triton [when the Argo was driven ashore on the Lesser Syrtes, the crew carried the vessel to Lake Tritonis, whence Triton, the local deity, guided them across to the Mediterranean], Madea [kills Jason’s new bride with a poisoned robe and crown, kills Jason’s children, granddaughter of Helios in her solar chariot].
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