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Music Appreciation, 1/25/10 -Listen to Britten ‘A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’ -Detailed guide on pages 28-29 of textbook -May also look on You Tube -Listen to the soloist! -Distinguish between melody and accompaniment. -Listened to Prokofiev ‘Peter and the Wolf’ -Bird—flute -Duck—oboe -Cat—clarinet -Wolf—French horn -Hunters—percussion (timpani) -Grandfather—bassoon -Peter—strings *If you want to go to the Nashville Symphony for cheap go to:
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Unformatted text preview: 1: Nashvillesymphony.org 2: Education 3: College Student 4: Sound Check and register *Tickets are normally $10 on select performances.-Bassoon. Italian “faggot” RHYTHM-Most important aspect of rhythm is beat.-Tempo—the speed of the beat.-Know terms-Meter—an organization of beat into groups.-Measure—one group of meter.-Syncopation—a surprise of accent on an unexpected beat of the measure....
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