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1-15-10 - 2 Expressive—finding the message 3 Sheerly...

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Music Appreciation, 1/15/10 1) Music Styles (Genres) Popular Music Jazz Art music Rock Jazz Classical Hip-Hop Big Band Opera R & B Country Techno Gospel Bluegrass New Age Polka World Music Christian Punk Metal 2) What to Listen For In Music—Aaron Copland -Aaron Copland (20 th Century American Composer) -3 levels on which we experience music: 1) Sensuous—just listening
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Expressive—finding the message 3) Sheerly Musical—finding out why the composer wrote a certain way.-Listening Example:-Ballet: Rodeo-Movement: Hoedown 3) Listen to Stravinsky’s “Firebird, Scene 2” 4) Compare and Contrast: Stravinsky “Firebird, Scene 2” and Copland “Rodeo Mvt. Hoedown”...
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