FIN200+WK2+DAY5 - fixed asset...

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USING THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR GOODYEAR CALENDAR COMPANY CALCULATE THE 13 BAS Goodyear Calendar Company 34. Solution: Profitability ratios profit margin=168,000/2,000,000=8.40% return on assets (investment)=168,000/760,000=22.1% return on equity=168,000/480,000=35% Assets utilization ratios receivable turnover=2,000,000/120,000=16.66x average collection period=120,000/5,555=21.6 days inventory turnover=2,000,000/180,000=11.11x
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Unformatted text preview: fixed asset turnover=2,000,000/350,000=5.71x total asset turnover=2,000,000/760,000=2.63x Liquidity ratio current ratio=370,000/110,000=3.36x quick ratio=190,000/110,000=1.72x Debt utilization ratios debt to total assets=280,000/760,000=36.84% times interest earned=300,000/20,000=15x fixed charge coverage=310,000/30,000=10.33x SIC RATIOS...
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FIN200+WK2+DAY5 - fixed asset...

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