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Math 210 Sec. 201 Assignment 1 - due January 26 Your homework should be submitted as a Maple worksheet. Please note that it’s best to use “Worksheet” mode rather than “Document” mode, and “Maple notation” for input rather than “2-D Math notation”. The answer to each question should be in its own section (click on “Insert”, “Section”). It’s also a good idea to use restart; at the beginning of the answer to each question, so nothing is accidentally carried over from the previous question. 1. Explain why the results of the following sequences of commands are diFerent: > restart: a:= b: b:= c: c:= 10: b:= 5: [a,b,c]; and > restart: b:= c: a:= b: c:= 10: b:= 5: [a,b,c]; What extra assignment statement could be added to one of these just after the restart; in order to make [a,b,c]; give the same results in both cases? 2. Consider the equation 7 x 4 - 10 x 3 - 9 x 2 + 9 x - 10 = 0 (1) (a) ±ind the exact solutions of (1). Note: solve doesn’t usually solve fourth-degree polyno-
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