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BIMM 100 Molecular Biology Lecture 1 1. What are the three types of RNA’s and their functions? 2. 4 Exceptions to the Central Dogma? 3. 3 Similar structures of RNA and DNA? 4. What is a nucleoside made up of? 5. 2 Differences between DNA and RNA? 6. History a. 1940’s i. False Theory?
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Thought what stored genetic info? b. 1953’s i. 3 Chargoff rules? ii. Watson Crick found what? iii. Rosalin Franklin Maurice Wilkins found what? 1. Through what method c. 1962 i. Nobel Prize 7. 6 ideas to Watson/Crick Model? a. 3 forms of DNA?...
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