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BIOL 1252: General Biology II Lecture. Fall 2009 School of Natural Sciences INSTRUCTOR: Neena Philips, PhD Office Location: Dickinson Hall, Room 4410 Office Hours: Wednesday 4-5 pm and Thursday 3-5 pm Office Telephone: 201 692 6494 Email: nphilips@fdu.edu School Location: Dickinson Hall, Room 4467 School Telephone: 201 692 2330 School Fax: 201 692 7349 Meeting times and Course location: Mon 5.25-8.05; DH 1149 Course Description General Biology II is the foundation to cell and molecular biology. It is comprised of Molecules and Cells; Genetics; and Evolutionary Biology. It is focused on fundamental biological concepts, their development, research and scientific process. Course Objectives or Goals (1) To be knowledgeable in Biomolecules; Cell structure, function and communication; Energy and metabolism; Photosynthesis; Cell division; Heredity; Chromosomes and DNA replication, Gene expression and regulation; Biotechnology; Microevolution; Speciation and Macroevolution. (2) To analyze and synthesize a research focus or experimental research in the text- chapters by application of concepts, critical reasoning and use of primary literature. (3) Scientific communication, written and oral formats TOPICS Introduction to Biological Concepts and Research Ch. 1 Life, Chemistry, and Water Ch. 2 Biological Molecules Ch. 3 Energy, Enzymes, and Biological Reactions Ch. 4 The Cell: An Overview
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This note was uploaded on 01/27/2010 for the course BIOLOGY BIOL 1252 taught by Professor Neenaphilips during the Spring '10 term at Fairleigh Dickinson.

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Fall09.GB_II.Biol1252[1] - BIOL 1252: General Biology II...

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