1.1 draft - Often people hear words and immediately put...

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Often people hear words and immediately put meaning behind them, not thinking about how the word should be used or the impact the word will have. Language has the ability to influence so much of our everyday lives that it is often manipulated to allow ones emotions to separate from knowledge. And with today’s society many people lack the ability to communicate effectively. In the article “Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking,” by Northrop Frye, he is trying to express that the majority of people do not know how to think in a sophisticated way. And with the strong influences working against the development of articulateness, people consider that thinking comes natural but in turn it is like anything else that needs to be practiced, and without practice you will become like the mass society that is lacking development of verbal competency. He quotes, “A society like ours doesn’t have very much interest in literacy.”(Frye pg.352) I stand by this quote because so few people strive for the possession of knowledge. And because of this Frye expresses that the lack of intelligence is the weapon that is used against us, so that the current powers can stay in control. And although our society is immature and likes for everything to be the same, people still need to fight against illiteracy and work on growing in how we think and articulate. So many people lose focus on how important language is and how much it affects us.
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1.1 draft - Often people hear words and immediately put...

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