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Unformatted text preview: SysCon2008- IEEE InternationalSystemsConference Montreal,Canada,April7-10,2008 A Low-power ActiveRFID PortableReader System GENG Shu-qin, WANG Jin-hui, ZUO Lei, HOU li-gang, WU Wu-chen VLSI and SystemLab,BeijingUniversity of Technology Ping le yuan 1u100 hao,BeijingUniversity of Technology425#,100022, China Phone: ±86-10-67391638-23,Fax:±86-10-67391638-22,Email: gengshuq(~~1 63.corn Abstract -Power saving isan importantparameter in portable efforttominimizethe power wasted by idleorunderutilized system design, which is normally addressed by considering the components [] energy consumption ineach individualcomponent ofsystem. But systemlevelapproach is a more promising way for power saving, A.RFID active system frame especiallyin embeddedsystem design. A designofportableradio frequencyidentification(REID) reader, usingsystem levelpower A RFID systemcomprisesareader(orinterrogator)thatis reductionmethodandworkingat43318681915MIHzISMIfrequency, c n i t d o F - o u e i r o t o l r a d o h r t i g is presentedin thispaper. Thesystem embeds a SOC (Systemon cnitdo F - o u e ir otolradohrtig Chip)peripheraldrivingcircuits to simplify' the complexdriving (shown in figure 1), its associated antenna and the circuits of traditionalLCD display.Besides, a developedsoftware transponder(ortag) that carries data. In this active RFID toolhelpsto improve thesystem performance,such as theaddress system, Active tag takes the initiative to transmit request matching, anti-collision, checking, identification, real time signal toreader. Wvhen a tag comes withinthereader's range, calculationanddatadisplay.The proposedsystemhasadvantages Readerreceivesthe request signals and checksthem. If they ofsimple structure,lowcost,andlowpowerloss, are right, CPU will process tag' s dataandtheresultwillbe Ke ord-R,- denifiatin; eadr; o m m n i c t i o ; l w p w e r displayedby LCD. If tag's dataare wrong, readerwillstart Kywod R;ietfcto;radr omncto;lwpwr theanti-collision algorithm andaskthe tag tosendthedata loss, again. I. INTRODUCTIONZ7 L I K RFID is one of automatic technology to identify and L- . - - - - - 1 .- - - - - collectobjectdata quicklythrough RF signals. RFID isused in diversified applications, such as preventing theft of ____ automobiles and merchandise; collecting tolls without stopping;gaining entranceto buildings [1] Fig. 1.Block diagramof activeRFID system Savingpower is an importantproblem in portable device. Energy reduction has been performed for individual B.Reader system frame component forthe systems [2-5] The system-level approach has been proven to be more promising thantheindividual A modem hand-heldreader system frame ofMSP430 is device-level approach inworkfocused on other components shown as Figure 2. The system consistsof microcontroller, ofembedded system [6] , offering more optimizations....
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getPDF - SysCon2008- IEEE InternationalSystemsConference

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