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Moody Chart Problems Oil ( ρ = 900 kg/m 3 and ν = 0.00001 m 2 /s) flows in a commercial steel pipe of 5-mm diameter at a rate of 0.01 lit/s. Determine the friction factor for this flow. 8.5R. Water flows in a smooth plastic pipe of 200-mm diameter at a rate of 0.1 m 3 /s. Determine the friction factor for this flow. 8.6R. After a number of years of use, it is noted that to obtain a given flowrate, the head loss is increased to 1.6 times its value for the originally smooth pipe. If the Reynolds number is 10 6 , determine the relative roughness of the old pipe. Compute the loss of head and pressure drop in 200 ft of horizontal 6-in- diameter Galvanized iron pipe carrying water with a mean velocity of 6 ft/s. Oil, with ρ = 900 kg/m 3 and ν = 0.00001 m 2 /s, flows at 0.2 m 3 /s through 500 m of 200-mm-diameter cast-iron pipe. Determine ( a ) the head loss and ( b ) the pressure drop if the pipe slopes down at 10° in the flow direction.
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