Two-way slab - slab and too little somewhere else the...

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Two-way slabs Two-way slabs bend under load into dish-shaped surfaces, so there is bending in both principal directions. As a result, they must be reinforced in both directions by layers of bars that are perpendicular to each other. A theoretical elastic analysis for such slabs is a very complex problem due to their highly indeterminate nature. Numerical techniques such as finite difference and finite elements are required, but such methods are not really practical for routine design. Actually, the fact that a great deal of stress redistribution can occur in such slabs at high loads makes it unnecessary to make designs based on theoretical analyses. Therefore the design of two-way slabs is generally based on empirical moment coefficients which though they might not accurately predict stress variations, result in slabs with satisfactory overall safety factors. In other words if too much reinforcing is placed in one part of a
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Unformatted text preview: slab and too little somewhere else, the resulting slab behavior will probably still be satisfactory. The total amount of reinforcement in a slab seems more important than its exact placement. Designers may design slabs on the basis of numerical solutions, yield-line analysis or other theoretical methods provided that it can be clearly demonstrated that they have met all the necessary safety and service ability criteria required by the ACI code. Although it has been the practice of designers for many years to use approximate analyses for design and to use average moments rather than maximum ones two-way slabs so designed have proved to be very satisfactory under service loads. Furthermore, they have been proved to have appreciable overload capacity....
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Two-way slab - slab and too little somewhere else the...

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