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My last post in the PG forum After spending 3 sleepless nights. . and many more tense moments . . I finally decide to hang my boots. It's been almost three years eversince my association with this wonderful forum. You guys have been great and I'm sure you'll continue this way in the upcoming years.CAT 2005 was my third attempt at CAT. . and what more I've had a terrible time belling it ! I don't find any reason why I should be getting a call this yr. . and I don't blame myself anymore.Actually I pity myself. After preparing hard for almost three years . . I ought to say that I've been really unlucky with CAT. You can call me the "bechara" of PG forum. . I did feel like kicking myself after CAT 2003 and 2004, but this time I didn't. .CAT '05 was a game of pure luck . . and my luck isn't the best in this world. . Nevertheless, it has been a pleasant experience for me interacting with so many bright people. . whether in the mock cat threads or in the quantitative aptitude threads. But guys. .it's time you give this guy a break . . This is my last post in PG. . you won't be hearing any more from me. . I would like to be remembered as a guy who fought really hard.
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