GK Patterns1 - Ministerial meeting of WTO held in Dec 99...

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Ministerial meeting of WTO held in Dec 99 was unsuccessful because of what reasons? Ans. Environment-related issues. Name the only Indian President who was the speaker of Lok Sabha also? Ans. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy What was the venue of world cup of Football in 1994? Ans. U.S.A. Manisha Koirala is associated with the advertisement of which brand of fan? Ans. Ortem fan Name the company whose C.E.O was chosen as the manager of the century by Fortune magazine? Ans. General Electric (GE) Which International company owns Lotus Development Company? Ans. IBM Which film has won 11 Oscar awards other than "Titanic"? Ans. Ben Hur Which states has maximum number of seats reserved for Schedule Tribes in Lok Sabha? Ans. Madhya Pradesh French Revolution resulted in the abolition of? Ans. Slavery The Standing committee of state finance ministers recommended in January 2000 uniform rates across the states in respect of? Ans. Sales Tax Which city is known as the "Manchester of South India"? Ans. Coimbatore How many states are there in India? Ans. 28 Economic liberalization in India started with? Ans. It started in the year 1991 with the delicensing of Industries in India Which body is not a creation of the constitution? Ans. Election Commission Which was the first Indian company to dematerialize its shares? Ans. Reliance Industries Who is the first person from Africa to become the Secretary General of UN? Ans. Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali National Income in India is estimated by? Ans. Central Statistical Organization (C. S. O) Which is the oldest company listed in wall street? Ans. Bank of New York Who led Indian delegation to G-15 summit held at Cairo in June 2000? Ans. Vice-President, Krishna Kant "Talk to me" is a promotional campaign associated with which company? Ans. Toothpaste What is the expected food subsidy bill for 2000-01? Ans. 8100 crores Who is the founder of positive health clinic? Ans. Dr. Mukesh Batra First public sector unit registered in New York Stock Exchange on 15th August 2000? Ans. ICICI LTD. Which bank is associated with the Sapnay credit card? Ans. Standard Chartered Bank Lexus is a sports car owned by which Asian car manufacturer? Ans. Toyota Indian population constitutes what percentage of the world population? Ans. 16% Sanjukta Panigrahi was the popular exponent of which form of dance? Ans. Odissi Who is the MD of ICICI? Ans. K.V Kamath TRAI expands to? Ans. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. What is the meaning of Direct Tax? Ans. Tax imposed and collected directly on and by the consumer Vishvas/Vikas/Vaibahav is the motto of which private bank? Ans. IndusInd Bank Which form of intellectual property can provide the longest protections? Ans. Trade mark Khalid Ansari is associated with which publications? Ans. Mid Day Which News paper has highest of circulation? Ans. Dainik Bhaskar Who is the Ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission of India? Ans. Prime Minister Which Indian TV channel owned the rights for the telecast of 50th Miss World Contest held in
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GK Patterns1 - Ministerial meeting of WTO held in Dec 99...

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