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MANYA MANYA CAT SNAP SAMPLE PAPER INSTRUCTIONS – Please read these carefully before attempting the test. 1. There are six sections. 2. The total time allotted is 2 hours exactly. 3. Please fill all the details, as asked on top of the answer sheet. 4. Please try to maximize your attempt overall but you need to do well in all four sections. 5. All questions carry equal marks. 6. There is 25% negative marking for every wrong answer. 7. Since it is a time constrained test and you have only 2 hours, and all question carry equal marks please do not get struck on any question, but move fast to try and do the easier ones. 8. Please do all scratch work on paper only, no extra sheets to be used. Put all your answers on the answer sheet. 9. Relax. You are competing against yourself. Logon to 1 MANYA MANYA CAT
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MANYA CAT SECTIONS - I DIRECTIONS for Questions 1 and 2: Answer the questions based on the following data: A salesman enters the quantity sold and the price into the computer. Both the numbers are two-digit numbers. Once, by mistake, both the numbers were entered with their digits interchanged. The total sales value remained the same, i.e. Rs. 1148, but the inventory reduced by 54. 1. What is the actual price per piece? 1. 82 2. 41 3. 56 4. 28 2. What is the actual quantity sold? 1. 28 2. 14 3. 82 4. 41 DIRECTIONS for Questions 3 and 4 : Answer the questions based on the following data: A thief, after committing a burglary, started fleeing at 12:00 noon, at a speed of 60 kmph. He was then chased by a policeman X. X started the chase 15 minutes after the thief had started, at a speed of 65 kmph. 3. At what time did X catch the thief? 1. 3:30 p.m. 2. 3:00 p.m. 3. 3:15 p.m. 4. None of these 4. If another policeman had started the same chase along with X, but at a speed of 60 kmph, then how far behind was he when X caught the thief? 1. 18.75 km 2. 15 km 3. 21 km 4. 37.5 km 5. The cost of a diamond varies directly as the square of its weight. Once, this diamond broke into four pieces with weights in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 : 4. When the pieces were sold, the merchant got Rs. 70,000 less. Find the original price of the diamond. 1. Rs. 1.4 lakh 2. Rs. 2.0 lakh 3. Rs. 1.0 lakh 4. Rs. 2.1 lakh 6. A cube of side 12 cm is painted red on all the faces and then cut into smaller cubes, each of side 3 cm. What is the total number of smaller cubes having none of their faces painted? 1. 16 2. 8 3. 12 4. 24 7. The points of intersection of three lines, 2X + 3Y - 5 = 0, 5X - 7Y + 2 = 0, and 9X - 5Y - 4 = 0: 1. form a triangle. 2. are on lines perpendicular to each other. 3. are on lines parallel to each other. 4. are coincident. 8. If n is any odd number greater than 1, then n (n² - 1) is 1. divisible by 48 always 2. divisible by 24 always 3. divisible by 60 always 4. None of these DIRECTIONS for Questions 9 to 10: Choose the best alternative 9. The figures show a circle of diameter AB and radius 6.5 cm. If chord CA is 5 cm long, find the area of
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