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Problem Session 9 problems 1. At 20 C the diffusion coefficient of a macromolecule is found to be 7.9 x 10 -11 m 2 s -1 . Its sedimentation constant is 5.1 Sv in a solution of density 997 kg m -3 . The specific volume of the macromolecule is 0.721 cm 3 g -1 . Determine the molar mass of the macromolecule. 2. The experimental value for thermal conductivity of nitrogen is 0.0240 J K -1 m -1 s -1 . Use this value to estimate the collision cross section of N 2 molecules at 298 K. 3. Two sheets of copper of area 1.50 m 2 are separated by 10.0 cm. What is the rate of transfer of heat by conduction from the warm sheet (50 C) to the cold sheet (-10 C)? What is the rate of loss of heat? 4. Calculate the inlet pressure required to maintain a flow rate of 8.70 cm 3 s -1 of nitrogen at 300 K flowing through a pipe of length 10.5 m and diameter 15 mm. The pressure of gas as it leaves the tube is 1.00 bar.
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Unformatted text preview: The volume of the gas is measured at that pressure. 5. The viscosity of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) was measured by comparing its rate of flow through a long narrow tube (using Poiseuilles formula) with that of argon. For the same pressure differential, the same volume of CFC passed through the tube in 72.0 s as argon in 18.0 s. The viscosity of argon at 25 C is 208 P; what is the viscosity of CFC? Estimate the molecular diameter of CFC. Take M = 200 g/mol. 6. The diffusion coefficient of I 2 in hexane at 25 C is 4.05 x 10-9 m 2 s-1 . Estimate the time required for an iodine molecule to have a root mean square displacement of 1.0 cm. 7. Calculate the diffusion constant of argon at 25 C and (a) 1.0 Pa (b) 100 kPa (c) 10.0 MPa. If a pressure gradient of 0.20 bar/m is established in a pipe, what is the flow of gas due to diffusion?...
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