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Problem Session 6 problems0 - under a 1000 atm pressure of...

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Problem Session #6 Problems 1. Using the Claperon equation determine if a 60 kg man whose skates contact the ice with an area of 0.1 cm 2 would be able to skate in -3 o C weather? (b) What weight person would not be able to skate under these conditions? (c) How would you remedy the problem in a practical manner? (density of liquid water = 0.9988 g/cm 3 , density of ice = 0.917 g/cm 3 , H o fus = 6.01 kJ/mol) 2. The vapor pressure of ice is 4.58 torr at 0 o C and 1.95 torr at -10 o C. What is the average latent heat of sublimation of ice over this range of temperature? 3. The vapor pressureof solid iodine is 0.25 torr and its density is 4.93 g/cm 3 at 293 K. Assuming the Gibbs equiations to hold, estimate the vapor pressure of iodine
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Unformatted text preview: under a 1000 atm pressure of argon. 4. The enthalpy of fusion of mercury is 2.292 kJ/mol and it freezes at 234.3 K under 1 atm pressure. The change in its volume is 0.517 cm 3 /mol upon freezing. At what temperature will the bottom of a 10 m high column of mercury (density 13.6 g/cm 3 ) freeze? 5. Naphthalene, C 10 H 8 , melts at 80.2 o C. The vapor pressure of the liquid is 1.3 kPa at 85.8 o C and 5.3 kPa at 119.3 o C. Use the Clausius-Clapeyron equation to find (a) the enthalpy of vaporization (b) the boiling temperature, T b and (c) the enthalpy of vaporization at T b . 6. 8.43...
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