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Problem Session #4 Problems Chem 3321, Fall, 2009 1. Calculate the change in the entropy of the system and surroundings when one mole of an ideal monatomic gas doubles its volume in (a) an isothermal reversible expansion (b) an isothermal irreversible expansion into a vacuum (c) an adiabatic reversible expansion. 2. One mole of two ideal monatomic gases, helium and neon, are separated in a partitioned container where each side of the container is 22.4 L and the temperature of the system is 273 K. The partition is removed and the gases mix. (a) Calculate the entropy change for the mixing of the two gases. (b) Repeat the calculation assuming one mole of helium and 0.5 moles of neon in the same apparatus . 3. A mole of methane (assume perfect gas) is heated reversibly at atmospheric pressure until its volume doubles. The experiment is tried with two initial temperatures (a) 0 C and (b) 100 C. Calculate q, w, U, H and S sys and S surr , S univ for the two expansions . Can you account for any differences between the
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