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BIOL 2300 Homework #6 Due Friday, November 6, 2009 Imagine that you measured sprint speed for ten lizards each of two sympatric species. Speed units are in cm/sec. Perform a t -test using the data below. Your null hypothesis is that there is no difference in sprint speed between the two lizard species. The alternative hypothesis is that there is a difference. You must perform a t -test by computing a test statistic and then comparing it to a critical value using a 0.05 type-I error rate. You will
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Unformatted text preview: be doing a two-tailed test as explained in class. Based on your analysis, you must decide whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis. Please explain how you made your decision. You must show all work for full credit. Raw Data Species A 19.7 Species B 19.9 23.4 22.6 21.7 22.5 21.3 21.8 20.4 22.5 23.4 24.8 21.2 22.3 22.5 21.0 21.8 22.9 22.3 22.3...
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