Essay2 - Religion Impact on Industrial Revolution In the...

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Religion Impact on Industrial Revolution In the period of late 18 th and early 19 th centuries significant changes in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation were going on in Britain . This era was called the Industrial Revolution . There was a drastic change from hand tools and hand made items to machine manufactured goods . This allowed for mass products and machines to be made, which for the most part benefited every person who was involved in the Industrial Revolution . There were some other impediments, though, such as the pollution in the air rose, the quality of working conditions declined, and more and more woman and children were working in these factories . The people working in the unpleasant factories, including woman and children, would work long hours and get paid very little . In the period before the Industrial Revolution, Britain’s economy was based on the cottage industry . People in Britain would buy off of different merchants and produce the goods at their own home . This was slow and the productivity was very low which made the cost of products much higher . This means mostly all goods were limited and restricted to mainly the wealthy people . This was pulling back Britain’s economy, so therefore people started inventing machines to create items much faster . The 1750’s was when the Industrial Revolution had taken off . Along with development of machines came Capitalism and buildings where people were hired to manufacture goods at a fast rate .
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The origin of the working class started as people moved into large cities due to the industrialization . Religion was an enormous topic during the Industrial Revolution . It was either thought that religion helped the Industrial Revolution or that it hurt the Industrial Revolution . To begin, a historian named Elie Halevy said that the stability of Britain during the Revolution was due to the religious revival, especially of the Methodists . He wrote about this in a document called the Halevy Thesis . He believes that Methodism had a hypnotic effect that made people not realize the extent of their misery of the working class . Therefore, the working class forfeited the idea of a revolution which would stop the injustice that they were acquiring . This is though if we assume that a
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Essay2 - Religion Impact on Industrial Revolution In the...

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