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24. Evolution and Phylogenies Nov 23

24 evolution and phylogenies nov 23

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Unformatted text preview: Class Crinoidea sea lilies - stalked feather stars - not stalked ~5000 extinct species ~550 living feather stars ~80 spp sea lilies (stalked) most deep water Both stalked and Both feather stars use feather Cirri to hold onto surface Oral surface up mouth and anus on oral surface Suspension feed – tube feet Mouth Anus Pinnule Body – Body Calyx – fused ossicles Tegmen – soft oral surface Branching rays with jointed Pinnules with Pinnules Stalk, Cirri Suspension feeders 5 ambulacral grooves radiate from mouth ambulacral To ray branches and pinnules To pinnules Grooves border by Lappets (closable) Each lappet associated with 3 tube feet (mucus, cilia) Each tube Oral surface of Oral Calyx Calyx 1 Reduced internal space Coelomic space reduced - broken up by connective tissue space Perivisceral coelom extends into each ray, pinnules Perivisceral pinnules Water-Vascular-System: similar to others but No Ampullae but Ampullae Several stone canals – open into coelom Several open coelom Oral surface of calyx has many pores Separate sexes: Gonads in pinnules (or rays) free spawn or brood free direct or indirect develpoment develpoment doloarian larva doloarian larva Regeneration good – pinnules good bad - calyx bad Echinoderms important for studies of: Ecology Keystone predators, major herbivores, Keystone important coral reef predators important Development Urchin and sand dollar - model systems Urchin Immune systems Regeneration Life History Life larval biology, importance and consequences of different consequences modes of reproduction Phylum Kamptozoa Phylum Kamptozoa ~ 100 - 150 species = Entoprocta - anus inside of tentacle circle Convergent form with hydroids and bryozoans Small, colonial, asexually bud Good at regeneration Form - Calix - with visc...
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  • Annelid, Bryozoa, Protostomes Deuterostomes Hexapoda Echinodermata Chelicerata Vertebrata Lophophores Crustacea Chordata Arthropoda Annelida Hemichordata Mollusca Other Other Nemertea pseudocoelomates pseudocoelomates Platyhelminthes Ctenophora Nematoda Cnidaria Mesozoa Pl, Placozoa Cnidaria Proto Ctenophora Sipuncula Mollusca Annelida Onychophora Arthropoda Tardigrada Bryozoa Platyhelminthes Nemertea Rotifera Gnathostomulida Chaetognatha Gastrotricha Nematoda Nematomorpha Priapulida Kinorhyncha Loricifera Phoronida Brachiop, pinnules Perivisceral pinnules

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