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Human_Sexuality_Lecture_9_Outline Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy I. Male Reproductive System A. Anatomy 1. Testes a. Lie within scrotum b. Divided into 250-300 wedge-shaped compartments i. Lobules c. Each lobule contains 1 - 4 seminiferous tubules d. Lobules are connected to tubulus rectus e. Tubulus rectus is connected to rete testis f. Rete testis is connected to efferent ductule g. Efferent ductules ae connected to epididymis 2. Scrotum a. Sac of skin b. Hangs outside abdomen i. Sperm need to be at lower temperature than core body temperature ii. 3ºC lower c. Base of penis d. Skin is more heavily pigmented than other parts of the body e. Divided into two compartments i. One testis per compartment f. Responds to temperature i. When cold, pulled closer to body ii. Reduced surface area to reduce heat loss iii. When warm, lose to increase surface area for cooling C. Duct system 1. Sperm travel from the testes to the outside via a series of ducts a. Accessory ducts i. Epididymus ii. Ductus deferens iii. Urethra 2. Epididymus a. Head b. Body c. Tail d. Uncoiled length i. 6 m (20 feet) e. When sperm are release from seminiferous tubule, they are nonmotile
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f. As they move through epididymous, some become motile i. 20 days to move through epididymous g. During ejaculation, epididymous contracts vigorously i. Sperm are expelled from tail portion into ductus
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reproanat - Human_Sexuality_Lecture_9_Outline Male and...

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