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Financial Markets Ch. 19 Key Terms -American Depositary Receipt (ADR), 376- A tradable right, which US citizens can buy, to ownership of a specific number of a foreign company’s shares, which are held in trust by a US financial institution that issues the ADR. -Big Bang, 363- In the context of equity markets, it refers to the financial reforms that were introduced in England in 1986 and in Japan in 1996 to liberalize stock trading practices. -Bourse, 369- The stock exchange in Paris. -CAC 40 Index, 375- A stock price index based on 40 large stocks traded on the Paris Bourse. -Computer Assisted Trading System (CATS), 372- Computerized stock trading system, developed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and now used in several countries. -Computer-Assisted Order-Routing and Execution System (CORES), 365- The Tokyo Stock Exchange’s computerized trading system. - Cotation Assistée en Continu (CAC), 373- The computerized trading system on the Paris Bourse. -DAX, 375- Deutscher Aktieninex, a stock index for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. -EAFE Index, 354- The term for the Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe, Australia, Far East Index, which covers over 20 countries. -Eurex, 364- The joint German-Swiss derivatives exchange formed in 1998 from the merger of the German Deutsche Terminborse (DTB) and Switzerland’s SOFFEX. The DTB and the Swiss Exchange each own 50% of Eurex. -Euronext, 369- An integrated, cross border European stock exchange that was created in September 2000 by the merger of the exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. It also trades some derivatives and commodities. -Euroequity tranche, 353- An issue of stock offered to investors in different countries at the same time. -Exchange Electronic Trading (Xetra), 364- This is a modern, cost efficient, order- driven trading system introduced by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. -FAZ Index, 375- A stock market index based on the share prices for the 100 largest firms listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange which is complied by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung . -Financial Times Industrial Ordinary Index (or FT 30), 375- An index based on the prices of shares of 30 leading companies, which is compiled by the newspaper Financial Times . -Financial Times-Stock Exchange 100 (FTSE 100), 375- An index based on the shares of the largest 100 UK firms. -Financial Times World Index, 375- An international stock market index. -First section, 365- The term for the stocks of the largest companies compared on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. -Frankfurt Wertpapierborse AG (FWB), 364- The Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
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-Free float, 376- The portion of the outstanding total stock of a corporation that is available for trading on public stock markets. -Global Depositary Receipt (GDR), 376-
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FinancialMarketsChap19 - Financial Markets Ch. 19 Key Terms...

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